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Monday, November 19, 2012

CFTU Reorganizing Beijing Operations - Website Back Up Soon!

Thank you for your patience members and friends!

The gang sends their best from Europe!
For our veteran members we thank you for your indulgence as we moved from Shanghai to Beijing and endured all the pressures from those in the ivory towers of Big Red.  We expect to resume full operations on December 1st, 2012 in our new temporary Beijing office in Haidian. (We are still looking for a permanent location that is secure and respectable). Luckily we were still able to maintain basic operations over the last two months with your help and the volunteers from Renmin and Tsinghua English Clubs. (Thank you all!)

In January we will resume our membership drive and continue to push the 250 Program, expose the sleazy agents, and update the various blacklists as reports are received. We are finished consolidating our training and certification programs and the new web site is almost finished and will be up by the first of December. Hopefully this one will be hacker-proof!

We look forward to seeing you all at the Thanksgiving Dinner and urge you to bring a fellow teacher friend so we can grow the numbers we need for collective bargaining power.  Also we will be seeking your input as to the new annual membership fees. How much should they be keeping in mind we will include all of the below benefits for our members?

* Field Trips                                                                               
* Newsletter

* Annual Parties
* Visa Assistance
* Free Labor Laws
* Student Day Activity
* Collective Bargaining
* Teacher's Day Dinner
* Free Contract Reviews 
* Cross-Cultural Training
* Public Speaking Training
* Professional Conferences 
* Teachers Code of Conduct
* Language Exchange Program

* Professional Placement Assistance
* Conflict Resolution & Arbitration Service
* Fraud Prevention Training & Intervention
* Free Lesson Plans & Materials At Discounted Cost
* Monthly Meetings, KTV Parties and Singles Events

Watch your emails, for any further updates and requests for your assistance. We are providing a new email address for members only as we are getting just way too spam and flamers from the scammers we exposed in the past. We will use the gmail account only for promotional purposes.  See you all on Thanksgiving as the board awaits your feedback on the issues of membership fees, Chinese membership options, and our 2013 priority list.   

Those wishing to help organize the Christmas Party should contact Cody or Janet ASAP.  Lastly we close on a sad note as our sympathies and prayers are with Danny and Ying over the loss of their mother to cancer.

Looking For The 2018 CFTU Blacklist?  Click Below

Looking For the Free 2018 China Labor & Visa Laws In English?  Click Below

Here They Are!
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