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Saturday, November 24, 2012

CFTU Revises Privacy Policy For Membership...

Considering what we experienced over the last two years getting our project up and running (including the subtle deportation of three directors and veiled threats made against staffers, we have decided to better protect ourselves both collectively and personally until conditions in China become less onerous. Effective September 1st, 2012 our new privacy policies shall be as follows:

* Any all members who want to serve on the CFTU board of directors shall either be married to Chinese citizens or otherwise have obtained permanent residence status in China and have two years minimum teaching experience in China.

* We will no longer publish last names nor addresses, nor telephone numbers of our membership and we urge all members to provide us with a disposable email address that they can afford to lose if it becomes blocked.  Individual members may make their personal disclosures at meetings and functions/activities if they so desire.

* We will no longer keep membership data on any networked computer, nor one that even has an internet connection.  All CFTU membership data will be kept encrypted to military standards.

* When referring members to prospective employers, we will delete the last name on all resumes along with any reference to passport numbers, social security, and visa numbers as well. Members can choose to disclose this information themselves after attending an interview.

* We will no longer publicly announce times, dates, and places of our board meetings or meetings related to sensitive or controversial issues. We will continue to announce membership activities and social events.

* No one other than board members and the CFTU secretary will be allowed to attend board meetings until further notice.

For those of you not familiar with the incident causing our Shanghai demise, a former girlfriend of one of our board members recorded five of our board meetings and compromised this information to some paranoid officials.  The above precautions should help us eliminate the harassment we experienced in the past.  We vow never to compromise the privacy of our membership nor the confidentiality of those who file complaints.
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