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Friday, November 23, 2012

Revised CFTU Web Site To Be "Politically Correct"

By now most of you realized our previous 57 posts are gone, but calm down - they will be back next week after we comply with big brother's request to "be more sensitive and less accusatory" (direct translation). So henceforth we shall be more politically correct in our posts, but we will not compromise the truth nor our mission statement found below.  If we did not agree to remove, review, and edit our previous posts, you would not be reading this website at all. So please be understanding of our situation until we get enough momentum going to become more and more direct as time passes and our membership grows. For those of you who may have forgotten, here is our mission statement:

CFTU Mission Statement:

Our mission in China is two fold... First we are committed to introduce and promote creative and progressive teaching and learning methods to the hungry minds of Chinese students. We shall always be truthful and direct with students in our teachings and discussions within the classroom. We will at all times exercise patience, civility, and cultural tolerance as we are guests in a foreign land that must always be gracious and respectful. Our profession demands punctuality and we shall demand the same of our students.

As professional educators we must always be professional and well-prepared for our classes and endeavor to make each and every class a fun, interesting, and memorable experience for the students, regardless of their age and language abilities. However we are teachers not entertainers here for the amusement of others. We shall seek and demand the same level of respect that we afford others.

When correcting or disciplining our students we will never mock nor embarrass them in any manner. All students will be treated fairly without favoritism. We accept our responsibilities as educators and shall maintain order and discipline at all times in the classroom.

As semi surrogate parents of younger students we shall always provide good examples of moral and ethical character of personal integrity and be forever conscience that we are role models in the eyes of many of these students.

Secondly, our obligation to protect, preserve, and promote the interests of educator colleagues in the PRC shall not be compromised. As our motto states, we are all for one and one for all. What affects one of us today, can affect all of us tomorrow.  

Therefor we shall endeavor to ensure all members are fairly compensated, paid in full, and in a timely manner according to contracts that are fair for all parties concerned. We shall investigate all matters of reported exploitation and/or dishonorable misdeeds imposed upon our members by their employer. 

We shall lobby and promote a minimum wage for all qualified teachers who we shall evaluate, certificate and assist with placement assistance. When so requested we shall intervene and negotiate and/or arbitrate on behalf of our members in good faith.

We shall never assume any allegations or denials to be factual and shall always depend upon our own inquiries and conclusion regardless of any external pressures that may be present or directed upon us.  

We will not engage in any for-profit ventures or "cooperation" that does not benefit the entire membership, directly or indirectly.  We shall never profit from our membership in any personal capacity and use any and all membership fees or activity receipts to grow the CFTU as best decided by the board of directors.

We shall provide a public and private forum for teachers in China to make their opinions, suggestions, ideas, and concerns known to our colleagues without regard to nationality, race, heritage, gender, nor politics.

We shall advise our membership of any and all potential problems, threats, or hidden agendas of any third party as they become known and verified in a timely manner.  We shall always remain apolitical and non-affiliated with any religious and/or ethnic group.

We shall develop and provide cross-cultural and career-related training programs for our membership to enhance their career development and professional advancement on a regular and scheduled basis.

Lastly, we will keep our membership informed of regulations, conferences, available training, and other professional developments in a timely manner. All these duties and obligations mentioned above shall be pursued with diligence, passion, and always in good faith on a best efforts basis.

In cases where a conflict of interest may present itself between pour primary and secondary roles, the interest of the students we teach must weigh heavily on our decisions but we shall not be bound by external mandates we deem to be unfair, unethical, or otherwise not appropriate 

The above was drafted and unanimously passed by our original board of Directors on January 8th, 2010 

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