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Sunday, November 25, 2012

China Foreign Teacher's Union Amends Code of Conduct & Ethics...


 CFTU Teacher Code of Conduct & Ethics


With some minor modifications the the CFTU has adopted the basic NEA code, but due to cultural differences, amended it accordingly. The below was reviewed and unanimously passed  (5-0 vote) by our board of directors on October 7, 2011 and further amended November 24th, 2012 (4-1 vote) after reviewing the tragic death of Qingdao student Liu Xiaoao.  Clauses in blue indicate our amendments.

Summary Of Incident Causing Death 



Commitment to the Student


The educator strives to help each student realize his or her potential as a worthy and effective member of society. The educator therefore works to stimulate the spirit of inquiry, the acquisition of knowledge and understanding, and the thoughtful formulation of worthy goals.
In fulfillment of the obligation to the student, the educator...

1.  Shall not unreasonably restrain the student from independent action in the pursuit of learning.

2.  Shall not unreasonably deny the student's access to varying points of view.

3.  Shall not deliberately suppress or distort subject matter relevant to the student's progress.

4.  Shall at all times be aware that you are a role model to those you teach and give positive feedback and encouragment whenever possible and deserved.

5.  Shall not intentionally expose the student to embarrassment or disparagement.

6.  Shall not on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, marital status, political or religious beliefs, family, social or cultural background, or sexual orientation, unfairly;
  1. Exclude any student from participation in any program
  2. Deny benefits to any student
  3. Grant any advantage to any student
7.  Shall not use professional relationships with students for private advantage.

8.  Shall not disclose information about students obtained in the course of professional service unless disclosure serves a compelling professional purpose or is required by law.

9.  Shall not tolerate any incidence of bullying or other form of intimidation by immediately notifying both the parents and headmaster immediately upon discovery.

10. Shall make reasonable efforts to safeguard the health and safety of students while directly under your supervision.



Commitment to the Profession


The education profession is vested by the public with a trust and responsibility requiring the highest ideals of professional service especially within the PRC where teachers are highly respected and perceived as surrogate parents in their absence.

In the belief that the quality of the services of the education profession directly influences the nation and its citizens, the educator shall exert every effort to raise professional standards, to promote a climate that encourages the exercise of professional judgment, to achieve conditions that attract persons worthy of the trust to careers in education, and to assist in preventing the practice of the profession by unqualified persons. In fulfillment of the obligation to the profession, the educator:

1. Shall not in an application for a professional position deliberately make a false statement or fail to disclose a material fact related to competency and qualifications.

2. Shall not misrepresent his/her professional qualifications.

3. Shall not assist any entry into the profession of a person known to be unqualified in respect to character, education, or other relevant attribute.

4. Shall not knowingly make a false statement concerning the qualifications of a candidate for a professional position.

5. Shall not assist a non-educator in the unauthorized practice of teaching.

6. Shall not disclose information about colleagues obtained in the course of professional service unless disclosure serves a compelling professional purpose or is required by law.

7. Shall not knowingly make false or malicious statements about a colleague.

8. Shall not accept any monetary gift, or favor that might impair or appear to influence professional decisions or action. Traditional gifts of the Chinese cultural may be accepted during festive holidays provided their value does not exceed 1,000 yuan, and gifts are accepted without any obligations or expected favoritism.

9.  Shall not use profanity, smoke, nor consume alcohol while on school grounds nor in the presence of students.

10. Shall at all times during working hours, act and dress professionally and punctually attend to your classroom duties and administrative support meetings.

It is our sincere hope that every teacher in China, especially CFTU members will adopt the above code as their own and discipline themselves accordingly. 

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1 comment:

  1. I am working in a university where one of the foreign teachers is bullying students. On the outside he is such a nice man organising concerts for students and giving out presents etc etc. He is also known to lavish expensive presents on key management figures. But but but... on the other hand this guy is a bully to some students. I have had several students tell me very similar stories of exclusion, threats, insults and several other classical bullying techniques. He seems to take a particular dislike to students who are smart and those who are friendly with other foreign teachers. He has a sidekick, a young German girl who is teaching English here as well but shouldnt I believe under new rules.
    I would also add that I suspect these people have never taught anywhere else. I also suspect they have zero or minimum teaching qualifications - certainly no CELTA or anything approaching it.
    Finally this man seems to have been put in charge of Business English here and him with no knowledge of either Business or Teaching.He also in involved in an exchange programme of sending students to Germany even though he is supposedly teaching them English. He was in the British Army before. He writes very prosaic, flowery bullshit type English and it fools the Chinese people.
    What can be done?