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Friday, November 23, 2012

China Foreign Teachers Union 2012 ESL, TEFL School Blacklist - See 2016 Update!

In order to obtain permission to operate in China again, we had to agree to five basic concessions and one of them is that we would  "refrain from publicly publishing a blacklist containing any Chinese companies or nationals." However, this does not prevent us from continuing to collect, sort, and distribute pertinent data to our membership internally, and perhaps those members outside the reach of big brother might take it upon themselves to publicly distribute the information. We will continue to share our internal blacklists and whitelists with our membership in ways that do not violate our agreements with the government. For this moment we urge every foreign teacher to visit this link:

We will cooperate directly with other ESL blog administrators and should we get hacked, blocked, or banned again, look for our monthly newsletter, fraud alerts, and messages at, Dave's ESLCafe, and/or ESLTeachersForum.

The other concessions we had to agree to are listed below. We consider them to be minor inconveniences that we can live with and work around. We hope and trust that our membership will respect these agreements so that we can continue to serve our colleagues in an effective and timely manner when they most need help.

*  We shall hold no private meetings of 10 or more people unless a monitor is present who is allowed to videotape the activity.

*  We shall not publicly criticize nor make claims against any government ministry or official(s)

*  We shall honor, respect, and obey the laws of China and the decisions made by it's visa bureau

*  We shall report any fraud or corruption we discover to be genuine to a designated official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

There were three other concessions requested but we refused to agree. Instead we came to mutual understandings concerning issues of "face" relating to those Chinese nationals and foreigners caught scamming any person within the PRC relating to teachers.  This will be our last statement concerning the concessions we had to make in order to effectively function within China. Perhaps with the new incoming administration, things may change. We have no crystal ball and will do whatever is practical to get our job done.

If you want to highlight an unethical or dishonest school that you want to add to our black list, please use the comments section below but please be specific, civil, and factual.

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1 comment:

  1. I want to warn people about a school called Key-Logic which not only cheated me out of my last paycheck, but they stole my lesson material and put their own name on it and are still using it against my protests. They owe me 9,000 rmb and the woman who cheated me uses the name "Alina" but I am not sure she use her real name. She introduces herself to foreigners as the HR Director or a VP, but in reality I found out she is only a "consultant" (sales rep).

    I also met another foreigne teacher named Jerry who said the same woman took videos of him giving a class without his permission and then using the video as a promotion saying that Jerry is part owner of Key Logic (He is very impressive looking).

    DO NOT TRUST OR BELIEVE THIS SCHOOL. If you work there you may not get paid, and even when they did pay me, they were always 5-10 late on payment without even an apology. Lastly they promised to sponsor my z visa and at the last moment they told me the law was changed and they had already reached their sponsorship limit. Later and insider there told me this was BS and they simply did noty want to spend the 3,000 rmb to process the visa paperwork and application fee.

    Theirt beautiful office and website with an affiliation with a Harvard professor is very convincing but even more misleading. Harvard University says they have no formal or official connection with Key Logic. Typical Chinese BS.