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Friday, November 30, 2012

China Foreign Teachers Union (CFTU) Web Site Blocked - Again

Why our website is now  once again blocked in China…

No, we did not criticize any Chinese leader, policy, any ministry, nor even the bureaucracy in general. As always we have not had any negative comments for anyone other than dishonest employment agents and bogus/exploitive schools that defraud foreign teachers. We have always been respectful of our Chinese hosts since our inception in 2010.

On November 29th, 2012 at 11:05am we received a “request” from a government official who shall remain unnamed at this time, who asked the CFTU to restrict the number of announcements we make on the internet to “once a month.” Considering that this is the holiday season and we will be sponsoring many activities plus putting out training and news items for the New Year, we could not agree to such extreme “requests” and we explained as much. Approximately 45 minutes later we received word from members that without their VPNs they could not access our web site.

Because the need for teacher’s voice in China outweighs all the annoyances, threats, and inconveniences like the one above, the CFTU will continue in our mission even if we have to move to Taiwan or Hong Kong. When Barry, Liz, and Keith did not get their visa’s renewed in 2011(without explanation nor justification), we smelled the proverbial coffee, and were actually surprised to be told we would be allowed to operate in Beijing by insiders of the new incoming regime, so long we agreed to five restrictions (which were acceptable to us). We have not violated those restrictions, so we must assume that the current administration is responsible for the current blockage of our web site. 

If however our web site continues to be blocked beyond March 31st, 2012, we may have to draw different conclusions. Once again we want to emphasize and go on record that the CFTU is absolutely apolitical and we have no interest in the internal or foreign affairs of the Chinese government. Those that know us personally know we are focused on the quality of both education and foreign teachers in China - period.  Our mission statement clearly speaks for itself.

In the interim we will continue to email news items indirectly to our membership third parties and VPNs, and you can share it with your foreign English teacher friends. You can also tell your friends the three places where to get free VPNs in China. If our web site gets hacked again like it was in 2011, please visit the below ESL sites where we will publish what is deleted or blocked at this site (assuming the administrators of these sites agree to help our cause).
We shall continue undeterred in our mission as we share the same determination as Dr. San Yat Sen, Chairman Mao and the same patience and vision as Deng Xiao Ping. Hopefully through these inconvenient times we will continue to learn from the teachings of Confucius who once said:
"Our greatest enemy is ignorance, our greatest friend - knowledge"
We thank you for your understanding, indulgence, and continued support.

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