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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

China Foreign Teachers Union Issues Disney English Agents Fraud Alert


It was discovered last week that there are now over 40 unlicensed individuals claiming to be authorized agents for Disney English and even using cards with the famous Disney Logo on them.  These agents are exploiting the Disney name to hijack new teaching prospects as well as identity theft victims. Some schools have even popped up using adaptations of the Disney name like "Disney VIP English", "Disney Preschool Learning Center" "Disni English", etc. The abuse has gotten so bad that Disney posted it own web notice to clarify and distinguish the names and locations of legitimate Disney English locations

"This is to confirm that Walt Disney English Training (Shanghai) Company Limited and Walt Disney English Training (Beijing) Company Limited are the only two enterprises in China that have the authority to operate English training Centers and services in the name of Disney in China.

Disney has never authorized any third party organization or person to run any kind of English training business or establish any English training Center in the name of Disney.

Protecting IP is vital to our company and we work actively to protect it. Disney works closely with relevant government authorities in protecting our IP.
If you have any questions, please contact us in one the following ways:
1. Call our free hotline: 400 820 8066 (9:00 – 21:00)
2. Visit the Disney English website: – the site is available in English and Chinese.
3. Visit the The Walt Disney Company, China website:"

Although Disney did authorize a handful of agents, the CFTU urges all foreign teachers to deal only directly with Disney at the above numbers and apply directly on line to avoid the possibility of fraud. Also read these links to better safeguard yourself from exploitation

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