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Thursday, November 29, 2012

China Foreign Teachers Union Wants All Agents Registered

To be clear, every person on Earth has a right to use the convenience of a legitimate agent to save time. Conversely every person who tries to to do so in China (including foreign teachers) has a 50% chance to be ripped off for money or a 30% chance of having their identity stolen if they use one of over 40,000 unregistered/unlicensed agents in China today.  See these articles for a variety of horror stories...

For precisely this reason, the CFTU board voted at the last meeting on November 24th to draft and file a petition with both the Foreign Experts Bureau and the Minister of Labor, both a direct request and a foreign teacher's petition to establish a law with heavy fines attached, that would require all agents in china to register with the government and to have their photos, name and registration numbers publicly posted on the internet for public verification purposes.  If agents became readily identifiable by photos, regardless of what name they use, they would be less inclined to scam teachers.

We are now drafting this communication and openly solicit the foreign teachers of China to send us their input on what we should include and exclude in our letter as we may only get one chance to make our argument and plead our case. Words used in China may have different meanings to some Chinese so we we want to be culturally-correct without diluting the importance of this issue. Any suggestions and ideas you might have are most appreciated and always welcomed at

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