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Sunday, November 25, 2012

China Foreign Teachers Union Welcomes New Ideas & Members

Foreign Teachers With Ideas, Energy, And Experience Always Wanted...

We encourage you to read the posts below and stop by once a week for an update, and then decide if YOU want to help us right some wrongs for your colleagues and make learning in China more fun and creative for the students. Einstein once remarked that "Imagination is More Important than Knowledge" but we think both are needed in China to provide a quality education that become a good memory and practical foundation for our students. We also believe that how a student thinks is more important than what they think.  When you meet a few dozen Chinese students, you will quickly understand WHY we feel this way.  As you can see from our mission statement, we are equally concerned and pro-active in protecting the interests of every foreign teacher in China - both veterans and newcomers alike.

As a member of the CFTU, you will receive a number of great benefits and the collective support of veteran teachers who have worked in China 5-15 years and know the ropes, and the people in education circles here. We will officially be resuming our membership drive in January, but hopefully you will spend the next month making notes of all the great ideas you want to share with us as our newest member.  Reading the posts here will answer 90% of your questions, and when you visit with one of our reps in person or by Skype, we can answer any other questions you may have.

Please make no assumptions until you read all the posts here and the articles they link to. What you don't know in China can definitely make your life miserable as a teacher. We want to help you keep your unpleasant surprises to a minimum so we will start by sharing this article with you...  Foreign Teacher Abuse In China Growing Too Common

Here is what we have to offer those who take their teaching seriously and are willing to accept the responsibilities of our profession...

* Field Trips                                                                         
* Newsletter
* Annual Parties
* Visa Assistance
* Free Labor Laws
* Student Day Activity
* Collective Bargaining
* Teacher's Day Dinner
* Free Contract Reviews 
* Cross-Cultural Training 
* Social & Singles Events
* Public Speaking Training
* Professional Conferences
* Teachers Code of Conduct
* Language Exchange Program
* Professional Placement Assistance
* Conflict Resolution & Arbitration Service
* Fraud Prevention Training & Intervention
* Free Lesson Plans & Materials At Discounted Cost
* Monthly Meetings, KTV Parties and Singles Events
If you want to join our team as a member, volunteer, provincial delegate, district director, or board member, let us hear from you with a copy of your current teaching resume at James[at]

Stop Agent Fraud & Employer Abuse!
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  1. I have heard my fair share of horror stories about teachers dealing with agents in China. Every teacher has his/her own experience they would rather forget. Its not the experienced professionals that get taken advantage of. Instead its the newbies that have their asses handed to them by people who are more than willing to make windfall profits off the ignorance of eager young teachers.

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    And now that we have your attention, we invite you to join in with your comments, observations, ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism. Whatever you post on our webs site, it must be in English, must be civil, and professional even when you trash an unfair employer. If your profanity is excessive you will remarks will be deleted. Ditto for someone posting a sales pitch or a link to sell something to our members.
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