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Friday, November 23, 2012

China Foreign Teachers Unions Needs Volunteers & Delegates Across China

If you take your teaching job seriously and want to make a difference in the quality of education in China as well as improve the integrity and working environment of your colleagues across China, come work with us as a volunteer 1-5 hours per day. You make new global friends, have fun, and after one year as a volunteer you will be eligible to run for election as one of our board members, or possibly have a full-time job once our membership exceeds 1,000 members and we can afford salaries for admin staff.

We need skilled and talented volunteers in all of the below areas:

* Translation
* Paralegals
* Graphic Designers
* Recruitment
* Event Planning & Coordination
* Newsletter Distribution
* Social Networking
* Blog Writers

We also need delegates with people skills and NGO/PR experience in every province across China. If you have resided in China more than 2 years and hold a degree in communications, public administration, or have two years working experience in public relations or an NGO capacity, please send your updated resume and current photo to us at: DandV[at]

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