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Saturday, November 24, 2012

China ESL/TEFL School Whitelist Project Continues At China Foreign Teachers Union...

Despite the annoying harassment and veiled threats we received in Shanghai, we will continue to work on compiling the China School Whitelist for the benefit of new teachers arriving in China. Those of you already working in China for a year or two can clue in your newbie friends.  Our goal is to have the list compiled and posted by the end of 2013 first quarter and made available free to members and new arrivals who come to our free monthly indoctrination and free cross-cultural seminar.

As most of you know, we are not quick to blacklist a school since many negative reports we receive are either from disgruntled employees who were rightfully terminated (for substance abuse, or punctuality issues mostly) or from competitors trying to smear one another. We verify our reports and if 3-5 reports are received about the same school by real verifiable foreign teachers (past or present) it is safe to assume that where there is smoke there is fire.

It is easier for us to find the good schools than the bad ones. Basically there are only two ways for a China school to get whitelisted by the CFTU:

1)  At least five past or present foreign teachers must endorse the school with an email than contains their current resumes and photos. After we confirm their employment at that school for at least six months we will whitelist the school for one year. If however 3 or more verifiable complaints are received within any six month period, they will move to the Graylist until the complaints are resolved.  

2)  The CFTU will send a rep to the individual schools, starting with the largest ones first, and interview the principal and at least three foreign teachers working there at random. If their policies are fair and the feedback is positive, we will whitelist the school.  If the principal refuses to allow a review, we will indicate this in our monthly report and our members can draw their own conclusions

Is this a perfect system?  Probably not, but it what our limited resources will allow at this time. Hopefully as our membership grows we can refine and tweak this further with suggestions from foreign teachers like yourself.  If you have suggestions by all means, please send them to us along with all the good Chinese schools you have worked for at least 6 months to: whitelist[at]

At present it is generally safe to recommend that teachers can work at public and international schools and universities throughout China without much concern for abuse, although the pay scale will be lower.  We can also safely tell you that we received very few if any complaints about these chains:

 * New Oriental
 * Disney English
 * Wall Street English
 * Pearson Longman
 * (Please note that English First was removed from our Whitelist on August 3, 2012  
    pending an investigation)

Schools earn their place on the Whitelist by paying their teachers in full and on time and honoring their contracts without fail. If schools make no efforts to resolve formal complaints received by the CFTU they will be banned from the whitelist for a year. Within a year's time we will have accumulated a database of the best schools to work for in China.

This may change in the future so be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter - free members and 6 months free for non-members.  Send us your email with your resume (to verify you are indeed a foreign teacher actively employed in China) to

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  1. Where is the link for the full school white list?

  2. How do you actually view the white list?

  3. How do you actually see the list? Did you make it so only current teachers can see it? How does that help anyone thinking of coming to China?

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  6. What if I just found this page and already signed my contracts, sent my passport, already received my work visa, and letter of invitation? I also couldn't find the school on the blacklist.