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Saturday, November 24, 2012

China-Wide Scam Alert Issued By China Foreign Teachers Union...

Identity theft of foreign teachers in China is on the rise AGAIN!  Despite the the arrests of eleven "employment agents" in Shanghai last year, the thieves are just as audacious as ever. The CFTU received five victim reports just last month alone and 72 reports for 2012.  If your identity is stolen it can cause you to be arrested for crimes you did not commit, not to mention thousands of dollars in legal fees, and over a year to clean up the mess and restore your credit rating and visa status. All Foreign teachers applying for any jobs in China are urged to heed the following advice:

1) NEVER deal with agents, especially those claiming to be "direct employer" in ads. If they cannot give you a web site or telephone number of the school they claim to represent, they are agents - not "direct employers."

2)  NEVER provide copies of your passport, visas, or social security number to ANY potential employer until after you attend an interview and have decided to accept a job that has been offered to you in writing.

3) NEVER leave your mobile phone nor laptop computer unattended outside of your own home. Spy software can be installed in less than five minutes that can remotely be linked to your computer with blue tooth.

4) NEVER include your visa or passport nor social security numbers on your resumes (CVs). You are asking for trouble if you do.

5) NEVER authorize any web site or agent to publish your personal information or photograph on-line. The below horror stories will tell you why.

Read these three links and be afraid. The threat is real and common. The damage done to victims is not just costly but very tedious, expensive, and time-consuming to repair (aside from interviews by three agencies you will have to fill out dozens of forms in Chinese and hire your own translator to do it!)

This is one of the phony agents in Shanghai who was caught with a suitcase stuffed with over 2,000 resumes of foreign teachers in 2011 bound for Fujian to sell them to identity thieves for 1,000 yuan each. She had three identity cards in her purse when apprehended. Ten of her colleagues were also arrested.  We thank the government for not turning a blind eye to this abuse, but if they were not caught red-handed, they might still be operating today. How many of their colleagues did not get caught? We have no clue.

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