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Friday, December 28, 2012

CFTU Annual Report To Members... Get 2017 Report By Email...

CFTU Members News Update And 
2016 Annual Report Available

Note: If you are in China, you will need a VPN to 
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January 15, 2017 now makes it even easier for you to avoid being ripped off in China...

June 8, 2014
PSB Visa Crackdown Underway - 379 Foreign Teachers Deported Last Month
As we warned you in our April newsletter, the PSB began their "Summer Sweep" which caught many visa violators by surprise. 379 FTs were caught via random school visits and checks in Beijing and Shanghai.  Our information is that the check will continue through the end of June and resume again in September.  If you do not have a Z visa - get one quick!  All 379 were fined (the largest fine was 16,000 yuan!) and 223 received 3-5 reentry bans.

June 01, 2014
CFTU Discovers Foreign Teacher Tax Scam Is Growing Common
We followed up on a dozen complaints and found most private "learning centers" and schools are deducting taxes from teachers, but not paying the tax authorities! For the details and how to check if you are a victim, visit and scroll down a bit. Thanks for your tips - We can now stop this abuse and YOU can collect more pay, as the schools fear they will be reported to the tax collectors!

May 03, 2014
CFTU Annual Singles Picnic This Month in Shanghai & Beijing
Other non-members read this blog so be sure to read your newsletter for details. Members are invited to bring friends but please advise them they must pay for their own lunch and not to dress like bums. First impressions are hard to do over!

April 5, 2014
CFTU Board Exploring Fund Raising Activities & Revenue Streams
We have kept the CFTU completely free for members since we stablish operation in 2010.  But running seminars and activities costs money (not much individually, but cumulatively we expended $4,876 in 2013 for example).  We refuse to sell advertisin on our web sites and we are open for your ideas. Please send them in as we have almost depleted the two corporate donations we received last year. Send to:

 March 15, 2014
Recruiters & Agent Launch Smear Campaign Against CFTU
We recently became aware that many agents and recruiters who masquerade as teachers on various expat and ESL/TEFL forums have began bashing and trashing the CFTU which we accept as a badge of honor.  By outing the shady and dishonest agents, we have probably reduced their client count and income.  Here are some references.

February 8, 2014
CFTU Membership Grows to 6,893 in 2014
The CFTU annual Census was just completed with cooperation of SAFEA which claims the total number of foreign teachers LEGALLY now working in China with an FEC is 27,339. Dur to about 20% of FTs working without a Z Visa, we estimated the real number to be closer to 32,000.  Internally we can now confirm our active membership increased to 6,893 as we netted 383 new members from 2013, after losing 239 members whose visa's were not renewed and had to leave (mostly related to visa violations).

January 10, 2014
China Foreign Teachers Union Release 2013 Annual Report & 2014 Whitelist & Blacklist Updates
For your copy send and email to: 

December 28, 2013
New World-Wide Teachers Average Salaries Report Released

 For the full report please visit:

December 8, 2013
Christmas Banquet & Party Planned For December 23rd!
This year there will be a 50 yuan charge if you want to attend KTV party after dinner. For reservations, details, menu and seating preferences contact Karina in Shanghai or VO43B in Beijing. We are also trying to put together a talent show for the New Year's party so if you have an act that is funny, entertaining, or amazing  let's hear from your quick!  Happy Holidays!

November 19, 2013
Thanksgiving Dinners Planned For Beijing & Shanghai.
All members check your email for details. Volunteers needed to help with Christmas Party.
Contact V028B if you can hep out. BTW...Congratulations To Denise On Her Recent Birth!

Semptember 20, 2013
Are YOU Being Cheated Out Of Serious Money By Recruiters Or Agents?  Find Out Here...
What is the real average salary of a foreign teacher in China?

September 12, 2013
  CFTU Elections Coming - Board of Director Nominees Due In By September 20th
Okay gang, here's your chance to do more than bitch!  Submit your five nominees for our 2014 Board of Directors. Keep in mid that all nominees must have at least five years verifiable teaching experience in China and be able to attend monthly board meetings in Shanghai and/or Beijing. Please do not nominate Steve as he is leaving China at the end of this year due to his father's failing health and may not be returning to China for at least a year. Please send your nominations to: V0079B. Check your email for voting procedures. Elections will be held on November 15th with results announced on November 20th. Thanks for your cooperation. More details found at

September 10, 2013
2013 CFTU Census Report - 8% Less ESL Teachers In China
First, we thank all the volunteers and the SAFEA staff for their cooperation in compiling the data this year. Members will get the complete nine page report by email and your friends can read a summary here: 

September 1, 2013
 Fragrant Mountain Picnic Activity Now Being Planned
Soon Fragrant Hill will be aflame in red, orange, and golden leaves and we are now organizing a day trip for members and their guests.  There will be two groups, 1 going via bus departing from Peking University and the second is a bike hike led by Jeff and Ian.  We will have lunch upon the mountain top and two Natural Science professors will join us as guides. If you want to come enjoy Mother Nature with us, contact V0139 before September 10th.

August 25, 2013
OnlineTEFL & I-To-I  Internships Are Suspected Scams
We have received numerous inquires about these two companies which are owned by the same company in the U.K. and although we previously assumed they were legitimate, or at least posed no threat to expat teachers in China, we are now getting reports of phony teaching internships being offered.  We were sent this link by one of our members so we are now investigating and will report to all member within 30 days. Until then please use extreme caution.  They may or may not be legitimate but this post is a bit disturbing:  TO  BE  VERY  CLEAR - A TEFL  CERTIFICATE  IS  NOT  REQUIRED  TO  TEACH   IN  CHINA!

August 5th, 2013
Paul's Poker Party Next Friday - Tennis Tournament Now Organizing...
Calling all Texas Hold Em and Chinese Poker Players!  Paul has agreed to host a bi-weekly poker party for our members in Beijing. Contact him directly (V067B) for details.  Also our annual Tennis Tournament is now being planned. If you want to participate, contact V019B for details. We're looking for a cool weekend forecast. Top three winners get trophies, 500 yuan KTV coupons, Dinner for two at Bellagio, and bragging rights for a year!  Sam went back to the states so you all have a chance this year.  Come give it a go!
July 10th, 2013
KTV Conest This Coming Weekend - Weihai Excursion On July 19th...
Sing your heart out this weekend and win $500.  Contests set up for Shanghai and Beijing. Contact V037S  or  V089Bfor details.  We rented a bus and have room for 8 more people for our Weihai trip later this month. Come see one of China's cleanest cities and enjoy a clean beach!  We leave Friday after work come back Monday morning. Contact V029B for details ASAP.

June 15, 2013
China's New Visa Laws Carry Stiff Penalties But Offer Some Convenience...
IMPORTANT!  Effective July 1st, 2013 China's new visa laws kick in and you had better know them well or you will get the boot with a reentry ban. Unlike the past, you will get no warnings. Here is what you can expect:  To see the actual changes in the law, visit this link:

June 6, 2013
Summer Activity Schedule Now Available
5 KTV Parties, 3 Workshops, Chess Tournament, Confucius Club Recital, Tennis Tournament, Singles Park Picnic, Annual Softball Game, & Bagachu Bike Hike (Check your email for recent Bamboo Park Picnic Photos!) (Members Only Contact VO37S  or VO59B For Details)

June 1, 2013
CFTU Agent & School Blacklist Just Updated
(31 addittions - 2 deletions/resolutions - Scroll down to view)

May 27, 2013
Free Chinese Board Game Lessons
Learn to play Chinese Poker, Wei Qi, Mahjong, Xinagqi, and Chinese Checkers For Free. Contact Laura or Ming for details or visit

May 20, 2013
CFTU Now Compiling China Recruiter & Agent Whitelist
This will probably be our shortest list ever but apparently our colleagues abroad still are too lazy to search out their own jobs, or cannot sort the facts from fiction. We are therefore now accepting nominations for honest and registered agents willing to make transparent disclosure. Those that are willing to  do so will be posted at:

May 19, 2013
CFTU Annual Picnic In The Park - Next Weekend
(Members Only - Contact V031B For Details)

May 15, 2013
CFTU To Cooperate Fully With China PSB To Remove Sexual Predator Expat Foreign Teachers From China Schools - Now A Priority Project - Teachers Urged To Cooperate For Details See:

April 15, 2013
Teachers Blacklist Used By Principals Discovered By CFTU with help of insider at Beijing Kindergarten
796 teachers are on the China National Black List. To see if you are on it, click on this link: 

April 4, 2013
Free Chinese Classes Commencing On April 15th  
Register Now! (Members Only! - Contact V047B)

April 3, 2013 
Don't  get violent in China or you will end up like this foreign teacher - one year behind Chinese bars! 
Foreign Teacher Jailed In China For Defending Family Home 

March 26, 2013
The 2013 Whitelist has finally been compiled
It took 5 volunteers 3 months to read and decipher all your emails and then score your nominations after deducting points for unresolved  complaints.  Before we jump to the list we want to put things in proper perspective. There are over 19,000 schools operating in China today but only 7,230 use foreign teachers. 95% of these schools are properly licensed, legitimate, and honorable. The "problematic" schools you find on our blacklist are surely the minority that represent the 5% of the bad apples. Generally speaking, the public universities, international schools, and public schools, are mostly honorable. You will note that most of the schools that are blacklisted by the CFTU and elsewhere are usually private Chinese-owned schools. And now to our white-list for 2013 you can either scroll down or just click here if you do not have a VPN:  

March 20, 2013
57 Beijing Teachers To Be Deported For Visa Violations
Thus far in the March PSB Beijing crackdown only 15 schools were visited at random by the PSB but yielded 57 foreign teachers working illegally on tourist, business, and student visas Those that were able to buy and show an airplane ticket home were released from detention within 6 hours.All of those detained must leave China within 10 days and they have been banned from reentry for 5 years. Of the 57 detained,  23 teachers were recruited by China ESL, 12 teachers were recruited by Jeff Gao, 10 were recruited by Hangzhou Helen, 5 were recruited by agent Danny Liu, and 6 teachers were recruited by Teachers Alliance China. The crack down will continue to the end of the month in Beijing and six other unknown cities. To understand the seriousness of this issue, see the stats below these links from last year:

Do not accept any teaching jobs in China until a Z Visa is provided to you before your arrival in China!

March 15, 2013

WARNING!  Identity Theft of Expats In China Increasing to approximately 5,000 victims per month - Half are Foreign Teachers!  - Read This To Protect Yourself...

February 25, 2013


We have issued a China-Wide Visa Fraud Alert for all teachers asked to work on an L (tourist) or F (business Visa).  Be advised the PSB informed us last week that they will be visiting 30 schools in March for a routine visa check and any teacher working without a "Z" visa will be be fined and deported within 10 consecutive days with a five year reentry ban. If any agent or school has specifically instructed/advised you that it is okay to work on a L or F visa, please send us the details in strict confidence and you can apply to the PSB to get a 30 day enforcement exemption certificate - enough time to straighten out your mess.  More details can be obtained at this link: VISA FRAUD ALERT

February 22, 2013

The CFTU has recently opened an official investigation on 37 Chinese school principals across China reported by expat teachers for extorting teachers for money to obtain their release letters. Some of the complaints can be read in our blacklist comments section below .If you have any evidence or information to help expand our investigation, please send us an email in strict confidence to  This investigation is already having an impact even beyond our reach as expats and even former Vice-Principals are now speaking out as you can see here...

Be advised that Shane English has been tentatively cleared of any wrongdoing in the Wenzhou fiasco involving the principal of Pingyang Quishi School  (Wenzhou) which they say has not been affiliated with Shane English for over a year, but which continues to illegally use the Shane logo, brochures, books, and good name when recruiting both teachers and students. Our official response is as follows:

"Due to a delayed response from Shane English, we only now discovered that they are no longer affiliated with the Wenzhou School involved in this fiasco, even though this school continues to use the Shane name in their sales pitch and brochures. Unfortunately this happens in China where "cooperation" is common and reputable foreign companies allow local Chinese partners to us either good name. We regret that the email contact addresses found on the internet for Shane were not still in service as we mistook their lack of a reply as indifference. To be clear, Shane English is no longer affiliated with Pingyang Quishi School of Wenzhou whose principal is selling release letters to their foreign teachers. The U.K. teacher who made the complaint online here on our website has still not received his release letter as required by law."

We recently received an email from a foreign teacher at Pingyang Quishi School who now claims the school is still affiliated with Shane English and we are awaiting some documentary evidence to be provided to us.  Here's the story of what took place...

The China ESL - Rebecca Tang fiasco rages on at the Beijinger...  China ESL Complaint - Rebecca Tang    also  5 Years Of Complaints 

And now our 2012 Annual Report & Teacher's Survey...

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  1. Any organization with this sort of problem should provide consultation from the experts. They should determine the right market value of these teachers, and I bet it has to be high since they are dealing with educators.

  2. I am from Bangladesh. English isn't my native tongue, however, I am confident that my english is as good and fluent as anyone from a native-English country. The reason for such confidence, comes from my education background and from my life experience while living abroad. I have studied in English-medium schools since childhood and have completed my O'Levels and A'levels. After finishing my high school, I continued pursuing my studies in Australia and have an Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering from TAFE. I have lived 8 years in Australia and just recently moved back to Bangladesh. I am really keen to teach english while exploring a new culture and country.

    However, after doing a bit of research about teaching English in Asian countries I have become a bit fazed and jaded about my chances of securing a job. As, most institutions seem like they want teachers from only native English speaking countries, not to mention the fact that you have to be white-skinned and blue-eyed. I don't mind getting a TEFL certificate, if it guarantees a job for me. But I don't want to waste my precious time and money getting a certificate if closed doors remain closed for a guy like me.

    So I would really appreciate it if you could get me a job in China or at least show me a way where I can get one. If you think I am the right man for a job, I will attach my resume.

    As you can see I have little chance of getting a job if i approached a school directly so I had no choice but to approach these two agents --

    1) Emily
    Senior Account Manager
    Click China Cultural Exchange Co.,Ltd.
    skype: emilyclickcn

    2) - David J. valley

    I want to know if these two agents are legit or not. I was hoping the good people over here could help me out.

  3. Hello China Foreign Teachers Union!

    Article 43 China Labor Law states, "When an employer is to terminate an employment contract unilaterally, it shall give the Trade Union advance notice of reason therefore. If the employer violates laws, administrative statutes or the employment contract, the Trade Union has the right to demand that the employer rectify the matter. The employer shall study the Trade Union's opinions and notify the Trade Union in writing as to the outcome of its handling of the matter."

    What I need to know is the Teachers Union registered, operating, and recognized my the Chinese government as a legal entity?
    If so, who would be the contact and what address should be used?


  4. Be aware and beware of anyone who offers you a full time teaching job for less than 10,000 yuan per month in Beijing, Shanghai, or any major Chinese city. Only Universities pay less than this and they including a furnished apartment for you.

  5. Tianjin Foreign Enterprises Personnel Training you know if this is a reputable school? They sent me a contract and promised to provide the visa..please..any reply would be appreciated

  6. I have a school I's like to recommend. Sino Canada in China
    DO NOT go to Sino Canada school in China. Any of them as the administration is spread across China
    This school offers one contract with perks then changes it when you get there. On the outside it looks good but then they railroad you
    They try not to pay for overtime, overload you with classes, do not deal with student behavior as they do not care
    It is a business not a school. Many students are leaving and there is no support for foreign teacher. Messages ans emails will go unanswered or if they are answered it will have nothing to do with what you asked. There are little to no resources for foreign teachers and the Chinese teachers run the school. The principals in all of the schools cannot be trusted, they will laugh in your face and stab you in the back then try to place the blame on you or someone else. PLEASE be careful if you do decide to go. Over 100 teachers and admin left last year. More are leaving, beware of these people.

    website is