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Monday, December 24, 2012

Free Holiday Gift From The CFTU - China's Labor Laws In English! - Updated For 2017...

Happy Holidays To All  Of  Our Members, Fellow Expats, & Friends In China!

As a token of our appreciation for your loyal support over the last four years we are gifting you a free copy of China's Labor Laws, which believe it or not, offers you some protection against abuse and exploitation in China.  Knowledge is always power, no matter where you reside in this world.  Read these laws and use them to stop the free overtime, kidnapped passports, and extortion demands for your release letter.  If you have questions about these laws (as you surely will) be sure to join our next free seminar on China contract law in January. 

For those of you who think these laws and/or contracts in China are worthless, please take a moment (after you stop rolling on the floor in laughter) and read the article at this link here:

To get your free copy of China's Labor Laws, just send us an email request to or attend one of our coffeehouse meetings.

The CFTU Teams in Beijing and Shanghai  wish you a safe, joyous, and healthy holiday season with those you love and cherish the most.  Our New Years resolution is threefold:  1) Open operations in Hong Kong & ChongQing,  2) Establish a minimum wage pay scale for foreign teachers in China, and 3)  Either get agents banned or registered on-line with their real names and photographs.

We wish to thank Walter, Cody, Antonio, Jack, and Nathan for their time volunteering this year in our Santa Program.  This year we made over 450 calls to some good little boys and girls and a few that we suspect might have been fibbing a little!

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